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Mama's Sauces

It's all about the gravy, just like Mama used to make! The smell, the taste, how it reminds you of home and family.

Mama's Sauces contain only natural ingredients, the tomatoes are imported from Italy, steam peeled, sent to us whole. We crush them ourselves.  We use the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the freshest vegetables. We use the smallest amount of sea salt. Every time you open a jar of Mama's Sauces, you can rely on it's authentic, delicious taste and know it is good for you.

Some of our clients say “The gravy is so good, I eat it right from the jar, with a spoon!”


You start with the best extra virgin olive oil, saute your fresh chopped garlic and onion, in a large kettle, until translucent.  Crush the imported Italian tomatoes.  Add very little sea salt and some spices.  Slow cook it until it is ready, your house smells like home. This is how our sauce tastes, right out of the jar.

The Fra's:

Fra Diavolo, Diavolo, is the Italian word for “Devil monk”. Fra Diavolo is a VERY spicy tomato and garlic sauce for pasta, seafood, vegetables, or for any dish that calls for tomatoes, lots of garlic, and heat.  It gets its heat from chili peppers.  Our Fra Diavolo will not disappoint!  For our customers that love a tomato, garlic sauce but don't like the heat, we developed a sauce just for you!  We call it Fra "Santi" - for the saints, a delicious blend of spices with tomato and lots of garlic.  Both sauces are so delicious and whether you like it hot, or not, we have you covered.

Start with the best extra virgin olive oil, saute your fresh chopped garlic, and we mean, LOTS of garlic, in a large kettle, until translucent.  Crush the imported Italian tomatoes. Add very little sea salt and slow cook it until it's ready and your house smells like home. 

You will love it.

About the Owner:

Hi, my name is Heather I started bottling my sauce because I love to cook and feed people. I started to cook when I was 5 and have been cooking ever since.  I love to bake bread and make really great meals for my friends and family.  Now that I am older and my kids are grown, I decided it would be great if I could help you spend more time with your family.  Making it easier to have a quality meal at home without as much effort.  Giving you more time with your family around the dinner table. 

Mama's Sauces makes it easier to have a quality meal at home in 30 minutes or less.  

The idea of Mama's Sauces started in 2012.  It took us two years to find the right tomato.  Well, we finally found it.  They are steam peeled and imported from Italy, sent to us whole and we crush them ourselves.

Our current flavors are: 

  • Marinara
  • Spicy Marinara
  • Fra Diavolo
  • Fra Santi

Thanks for being our customer and taking a moment to learn more about how and what we do.

Mama's Mission:

To help you spend more time with your family, eating a healthy, delicious meal without all the effort.