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  • Fra Diavolo
    Fra Diavolo

    It's delicious, we import our Tomatoes from Italy add lots of garlic an...

  • Fra Santi
    Fra Santi

    We've been getting a lot of requests for a non-spicy Tomato & Garlic...

  • Spicy Marinara - Making Italian Omelets!
    Spicy Marinara

    Our most popular sauce, Spicy Marinara is a delicious all natural, pasta...

  • Marinara

    This is a yummy, all natural Marinara.  We import the Tomatoes from...

  • Capellini

    An exquisite taste, a delicate perfume, a golden color: these are the...

  • Linguine

    An exquisite taste, a delicate perfume, a golden color: these are the...





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Mama's Sauces

A woman owned sauce manufacturer.  We produce all natural, wholesome sauces that are low in Sodium and have no preservatives or added sugar.  We have 6 different flavors and every Friday, we feature two of our sauces (one spicy and one not spicy), for Take Out Only, with pasta or veggies, garlic bread and Parmesan cheese.  For an additional charge, we include a topping of meat, seafood or roasted veggies. 

Mama's Mission:

To help you spend more time with your family, eating a healthy, delicious meal without all the effort.

Mama's Vision:

To make all natural, phenominal sauces, for you to bring home and feed your family!  

About the Owners:

Hi, my name is Heather and my wonderful husband Syd is with me, in the photo below.  We started this company because I love to cook and feed people.  I started to cook when I was 5 and have been cooking ever since.  I love to bake bread and make really great meals for my family.  Now that I am older and my kids are grown, I thought, how can I help you spend more time with your family?  Make it easier to have a quality meal at home without all the effort, giving you time with your family around the dinner table.  

We actually came up with this idea in 2012, and it took us two (2) years to find the right tomato.  The one that would help us get Mama's Sauces to production!  They are imported from Italy and have less sodium than many of the commercial tomatoes you can buy at the grocery.  

Two of my recipes come straight from my own childhood.  Michigan/Chili Dog sauce, and the Heavenly BBQ Simmer Sauce, known to me as a child as Spare Rib Sauce.  Both of these, I grew up on as a little girl.  The pasta sauces, well, I've been making those since my kids were little.  With the help of my fantastic husband Syd, we have developed the formulas for all of these and have been bottling them in a Shared Commercial Kitchen since July of 2014.

Here we are, April of 2015 and we rent our own Commercial Kitchen, making these recipes from scratch!  We have started Pasta Friday's, to help get the word out about how delicious these sauces are and to help make dinner on Friday nights special for you.

Here are our current flavors and one of my favorite pictures of us!  Hope these sauces help make your evenings a little easier! 

  • Marinara
  • Spicy Marinara
  • Heavenly BBQ Simmer Sauce
  • Michigan Sauce
  • Fra Diavolo
  • Fra Santi


Thanks for being our customer and learning more about what we are doing!